skintoskin clothing


But what is SKINTOSKIN®?

...A second skin... NEW GENERATION WEAR

- Contains properties that make the fabrics comfortable and give them protection against crises of irritation, inflammation and infection;

- It has components with soothing properties;

- It allows the skin to breath gently;

- Pleasant and comfortable feel, which is far superior to standard textiles

- Anti-odour effect.


SKINTOSKIN® fibers incorporate brown algae extracts and silver salts which work together in a perfect symbiosis to maintain the stability of skin flora, preventing itchiness and irritation, and giving protection and comfort to the user.

Brown algae extracts protect the skin against itchiness.

The algae are harvested in the icy waters of the North Sea and organically processed, free from added chemicals, guaranteeing high tolerance levels when it is in contact with the skin.

The inclusion of silver nitrate adds truly effective antiseptic properties, drastically reducing the growth of any potentially harmful bacteria on the skin, namely Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which produce toxins and can be found in large quantities on the skin of people suffering from atopic conditions, causing and aggravating skin problems. Bacterial colonies are 100 times higher in normal skin and 1000 times higher in the inflamed skin of people who suffer from atopic conditions.

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- EFFECTIVENESS shown for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action;

- SPEED of action, in reduction of atopic dermatitis in about 8 days, as long as udes continuously;

- TOLERABILITY proven, with very low risk of allergy;

- DURABILITY tested, with a guarantee that the effect will remain for an indefinite number of washing cycles;

- PREVENTION of future problems.