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This baby's skin improved close to the skintoskin bodysuit, while in the spot above, the eczema remains.





Joana Mercês, Oporto, Portugal

"Some time ago a friend told me about a new line of underwear with very specific characteristics. I decided to find out more about the brand and bought the product. I was more than impressed with the product and its softness and would highly recommend skintoskin.
I'm talking to you about an underwear brand that has as its main innovative features biofunctionality, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti fungal and above all extremely comfortable because it is super soft and molded to the body.
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Sandra Costa, Lisbon, Portugal

"The quality is amazing. Especially the socks, which I have used and would recommend. Thanks for the quality and innovation.

Alejandra, Santiago, Chile

"I’m the mother of a 10 year old girl who suffers from atopic dermatitis on her feet. For years, my daughter has been suffering with open wounds and pain with no satisfactory solution. Some weeks ago, advised by Dr. Kramer, I bought some skintoskin socks. My daughter wore the socks daily and after a few days the wounds disappeared. The skin is no longer red and we have the feeling that the skin is almost normal. We are happy with the results and I recommend skintoskin for sure, the effects in reducing the problems are visible in few days."

Elvira, Spain
"Hi. My six year old daughter uses skintoskin clothes and the result we have seen are amazing. We'd like to suggest, as these products seem to a success in the short/medium term, that you produce tights. Thanks for contributing to improving the quality of life of people suffering from dermatitis, aswell as the life of other people around them. Regards".

Ângela Pereira - Médical Dermatologist, Portugal
"I consider SKINTOSKIN a very important contribution to control atopic eczema. Although not immediately evident, when a sufferer stops using skintoskin we can see the difference. I recommend it frequently, particularly when the repeat outbreaks are often or the response to the treatment takes a long time to take effect".

Tiago Sampaio, Portugal

 "I used to suffer from athlete's foot until the day I bought a pack of skintoskin socks. They don't look very resistant, but the comfort and the benefits are excellent. My feet even stopped smelling bad ( I'm a physical education teacher). Regards and keep up the good work"...

Lizabeta Carambola, Portugal

"On Thursday I bought a box of skintoskin shirts for my grandmother, who in the last three years has developed a venous pathology on her torso that manifests through skin dryness, itching and sometimes even small wounds. The discomfort she feels worsens at night because of the increase in body temperature, the clothes she wears and her bedding. Can you believe that Sunday morning I got a call from her saying that she didn’t remember what it was like to sleep through the night without having to get up two or three times a night to re-apply specific moisturizers on her body to calm the itch?! That’s right, that didn’t happen this weekend, after using skintoskin for only three or four days she’s slept through the night, covered with her duvet. She thanked me for the gift I had given her and told me to thank “the inventors” of the shirts (elderly woman’s words). I hope this little statement is one among many others in your portfolio of success."

Cristina, Portugal
"I’d like to leave my testimony about the products I aquired. I have a five year old daughter whom from birth has been diagnosed with atopic skin, at some times her whole body seemed to have been burned, in spite of using specific creams. I’ve kept her condition under control, also thanks to a pharmacist’s ointment (ice palace in Viseu). Ever since she started using skintoskin’s underwear the results have been WONDERFUL, I’m very happy. Though a little bit expensive it’s worth the investment. Thank you."